Spectrum Experience is a full-service communications firm specializing in earned media for political world-changers. We create unique media experiences the turn target markets into changemaking participants.


  • Earned Media
  • Social Media
  • Speech Writing
  • Press Conferences
  • Digital Communications


  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Merchandise


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Government Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Issues Research


Politics is our way of organizing our values as a human community and the process by which we realize those values throughout our societies.

Political Humanism is the practice of building humanist values into the foundation of our social, civic, cultural, and economic systems. Our goal is structural Humanism, where Humanism is intrinsic to all human systems. We advocate for the reconstruction of our institutions in ways that maximize human health, happiness, and capabilities.


Our mission at Spectrum Experience is to shift culture toward Humanism. We do this by leveraging our expertise in strategic communications and political advocacy to amplify the voices of change-makers who share our values.

We know that no system, product, project, or idea, is perfect. We seek to constantly improve the way we interact with the world rather than allowing ourselves to be comfortable with what is most familiar, or to stick to tradition. A commitment to innovation makes it possible for us to continuously help more people and do more good.

Each person deserves a genuine opportunity to fulfill their potential and live well. We work to build a society where everyone has the necessary tools to flourish, based on their own needs, capabilities, and resources. No one should be abandoned to circumstances that warp their life chances from the start.

In the last several centuries, human beings have organized our societies around infinite growth and unbounded resource exploitation—resulting in imminent global ecological catastrophe. We aim to creatively transform our systems, practices and technologies into those that sustain our species and other life on earth rather than bolstering those that threaten it.

Our beliefs and decisions should be developed through an unbiased examination of facts and outcomes rather than emotion, tradition, or intuition alone. Reason allows us to determine when our personal impressions are mistaken. We endeavor to thoughtfully avoid the unverified opinions and irrational prejudices that thwart our common pursuit of happiness.

Compassion focuses and energizes our willingness to do good. It stabilizes the ethical principles we develop through reason. We strive to cultivate a robust sense of compassion that allows us to see what is humanly important and to look for rational solutions where they are most needed.

Our Team

We’re an experienced team of designers, persuaders, and problem-solvers who work only with trusted partners on causes we passionately believe in.

Evan Clark
Founder & Creative Director
Serah Blain
Partner & Senior Strategist
Eric Zaklukiewicz
Business Development Director
Jim Hesterman
Visual Director
Katie Paetz


Chair, Osborn School District
Spectrum is single handedly changing the landscape of how politics and earned media is done for people that care.
Kat Sabine


Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona
Spectrum Experience provides the most catching and attractive public relations in Arizona.
Scott Prior


Candidate, AZ State Senate
Spectrum Experience takes ‘thinking outside the box’ to epic levels of ingenuity.

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